Dogging Locations In Bristol

The British slang for public sex is dogging. However, there is surely a fun part of it, which makes it popular and thriving across the globe. Bristol is a place that is quite well-known for dogging in the UK. It is undoubtedly one of those ideal locations where you can have a bit of a romp without anyone taking notice. And even if someone does take any notice, enjoy it too as they will also be enjoying in all likelihood. 

Dogging word has its origins in the UK and thus in all likelihood offers a number of dogging locations. Reading this piece will cut out your work of finding just the right locations, especially for dogging in Bristol. Bristol, as a city is unique. It has the river Avon flowing past it. Bristol is a very picturesque city that has its heritage ports and harbours alongside a number of cultural hubs, restaurants and cafes. Dogging locations in the UK are exceptional in the world for such well-known locations that tourists visit all year round. 

Let’s try to throw some light on the best dogging locations in Bristol

Backwell Lake

If you know this railway station in the middle of Nailsea and Blackwell, it happens to be just off the station road. This is a quiet place that is not much frequented and an ideal place for dogging. The usually deserted place has lots of spots. 

The place has a reputation of being one of the hotspot dogging locations in the UK. Performers and voyeurs alike, the place never goes amiss. The experience derived is one of the best in the area.

Bristol Castel Farm Road

To get here, one needs to drive off Abbotts Road in Hanham. A popular picnic spot resides just at the bottom of the road. It is a well-known spot amongst the regulars and the locals. There are very few people in and around the area, especially after the dark.

Bristol A166 Layby

This place happens to be next to the turnoff near Donnington. It is certainly popular amongst the dogging locations in Bristol. Come at any time of the day, and you would not find it challenging to discover dogging activities underway. Your experience of witnessing brilliant sex will be replenished. 

The Bristol Zoo

There are a number of routes to get to this place. If you are travelling by the M5, from J17, take A4018 down the path that shows the signs of the brown elephant. On the other hand, by the route of city-centre in Bristol, one needs to follow the signs of the brown elephant or just the signs indicating to Clifton. For one of the best spots of dogging in Bristol, park the car around the car park on the northern side on Clifton Down and start walking simply to the opposite area. 

Bristol Airport Area

This is one of the best dogging locations in the UK. Getting here is easy by driving through the area near the airport and then turning right towards the direction of chew Magna. Unto the left in Felton road, a small car park exists which serves as the dogging spot. 

Bristol Downs

The dogging locations in Bristol are unique. Bristol Downs is no different either. Getting to the downs is easy. Turn towards the left close to the top of the hill while driving up the hills onto downs. Close the area with a bend that comes next and keep going straight. After crossing about 3 additional bends, you can locate trees on your left. Go to the benches near the picnic area that serve as among the top dogging locations in the UK.

Bristol Moorend

This place of dogging in Bristol is close to Downendwhich is also near to the old hill port. The surrounding wooded area is excellent for dogging. People have a natural liking to the place and quite understandably. 

Swinford Picnic Site

 This is a picnic site that one comes across on the road from Bristol to Bath. Reaching is also quite easy. All one needs to do for reaching one of the best dogging locations in Bristol is, turn away from swan pub and go above the cattle grid and onto the picnic’s farm track site. 

The above few are just some of the famous names in Bristol while there’s