Locations for Dogging in Durham

I was wondering where you can find the best locations for dogging in Durham? Well, it is hard at times to figure out where you should go for dogging because even if the location seems secluded, you might find interference that would ruin your experience. 

So, it is better to know from a reliable source which locations in Durham are the best for dogging. At Dogging Online, we are helping you to find the best locations for dogging in the UK. Hence, you will also find the information about the ideal places where you can go and have dogging in Durham

Thus, here are some of the ideal locations where you can have dogging in Durham with your partner. 

Bishop Auckland

When you travel to Crook from Viaduct, you will find a small car parking area on the right side of the road. Apart from that, there will be a picnic spot as well as an old railway line. The area is very much secluded, which makes it an ideal location for doggers in Durham to enjoy. 

Picnic Area near Crook

If you visit Crook via A68, you will find plenty of toilets that are open 24 hours. On the backside of those toilets, you will find secluded areas. Many gay and straight couples go to these areas to have fun. Once you go to these places, you will surely find couples in action. Just join them and have fun. 

Parking Area near A66

When you go towards the eastern side to Stockton from Darlington, you will find a large lay-by. You will spot this lay-by towards the back end of the road. This lay-by is secluded, and its actual location is just in-between Stockton and Darlington. You will be able to enjoy dogging here. 

Swan House Parking Area

As you come from Corbridge to Darlington, after close to one and a half-mile of drive, you will find a lay-by. This lay-by is located close to Darlington. The area is very much secluded, and doggers meet here regularly to have some secret fun. It would be best if you took your partner here for dogging. 

Newton Aycliffe Car Parking Area

There is another place that you can find while going to Corbridge for dogging. You have to go towards the southern part of Newton Aycliffe. You will discover Caravan Dealers there. Now, you have to go past it, and you will find a car parking area. In that secluded area, doggers meet to have some enjoyment. 

The Car Park near Seaham 

There a couple of car parking areas in Seaham where you can enjoy dogging wonderfully. The first location is near Seaham Hall Gate, which you can find on the seafront. The second car park is also located along with the coast road. The actual location is Ryhope which is near the railway. These car parks are very much famous for dogging near Durham. 

Hardwick Hall

It would be best if you went to the Sedgefield Racecourse by following the track of A19. Now, you need to take a turn towards the right side when you reach the roundabout. After that, you will reach Hardwick Hall. Here, you will find a large secluded area where you can bring your partner to enjoy dogging. 


From the roundabout at Testo’s, you need to take A184 road and go towards the western side. As the first turning approaches, you need to go to the left, and you will reach a country lane. There you will find ample secluded areas. You and your partner will have a fantastic dogging experience there for sure. 

So, these are some of the very popular spots for dogging in Durham. There are so many people in Durham who go for dogging regularly. So, if you are struggling to find your ideal dogging partner in Durham, then you should join us at Dogging Online. From our large dogging community, you will find your dogging partner who can join you to these locations and have the ultimate fun.