Top Locations for Dogging in Dorset

Are you in search of the best dogging locations in Dorset? Well, at Dogging Online, we have got you covered. With us, you will find some of the most beautiful locations for dogging in Dorset. Without any doubt, it is tough to find an ideal location for dogging in Dorset

The number of people interested in dogging here is huge. So, there will be places where you can go and have fun. For a newbie, it is hard to find such dogging locations as well as dogging partners. That is why Dogging Online is your ultimate place where you will find partners as well as locations. 

So, here are some of the best locations where you can go with your partner and enjoy dogging in Dorset wonderfully. 

Meyrick Park

Without any doubt, Meyrick Park is a place where you will find one of the most popular locations for dogging in Dorset. This park is in Bournemouth, and couples love performing dogging here. The actual action happens at a car park near Meyrick Park. 

Now, there are many car parks available here. But, it would be best if you did not get confused. Just take the Wimborne Road and drive under the bridge. The first car park on the right is used for dogging by straight or bi-sexual couples. The second parking area is for gay couples. 

Branksome Library

Take the Western Road and reach Branksome Library. You will notice a car parking area which is quite large. Just beside that area, there is a small and secluded park. Couples prefer this spot for dogging and in almost every night, you can find some action here. 

Matchams View

You have to come to Matchams View Point. It is easier to spot the location if you come from Matchams Lane. This road is between Bournemouth and Ringwood. Once you reach the Matchams View, you have to take a right turn to go to a car park where the action happens.

Well, this place is not as popular as other dogging locations in Dorset. However, you can still find doggers occasionally coming to this secluded area during nights. 

Throop Car Park

Many doggers love to have fun at the cark parks in Throop village. This village is very much secluded, and that is what makes this place so ideal for dogging. Furthermore, the passing cars can hamper your experience a bit. So, it will be better to try in-car actions. 

Maiden Castle

The car parking area near the Maiden Castle is probably one of the best locations for dogging in Dorset. To reach this place, you have to travel a couple of miles towards the southern part of Dorchester. After reaching the Maiden Castle, you will find a secluded car park where doggers of various types of sexual orientation meet and have fun. 

The action primarily happens during the night time, and thus, you can have an enjoyable dogging experience with your partner as there will be no one to disturb your fun. 

Canford Library

For many doggers, the Canford Library is the ideal location because of the secluded location. So, it would be best if you used the rear car parking area as it is safe to have dogging there. However, if you are looking for a gay dogging spot, then this may not be your ideal spot as mainly couples use it to have fun. 


The main action happens in the car parking area near Ringstead. This car parking area is very small in terms of area, and you will find it near the beach. Just drive to Weymouth by using the main road from Upton, and you will have no problem in spotting this excellent dogging location. 

Broad Street

You can find some steamy dogging action happening close to the car parking area at the Pier. This location is towards the Broad Street end. You can catch dogging action here at night during the weekend. 

Finally, you can find exciting dogging action in these locations in Dorset. However, it would be best if you had a partner as well. If you don’t have a dogging partner and looking for someone who could become your partner for dogging in Dorset, then you should join Dogging Online. Our large online community will help you in finding the ideal dogging partner quickly for you.