Check Out the Best Locations for Dogging in Devon

Are trying to find the best locations where you can enjoy dogging in Devon? At Dogging Online, we understand that it is challenging to find the best location where you can have dogging. Furthermore, you want to go to those places where you will be able to enjoy safely.

There are specific locations marked by the government officials who search the spot for doggers. So, we have gathered some of the best locations for dogging in Devon where you can enjoy without facing legal consequences.

Are you excited to find those locations? So, here are some of those locations in Devon where your dogging experience will go to the very next level.


To have dogging experience in this area, you just have to come to Walls Hill. Once you come to the location of Babbacombe, you will find it very quickly. You will see people going to the far end of the car park at Walls Hill because the place is secluded and ideal for dogging. Join them to have fun.

Leisure Centre

Without any doubt, dogging in Devon becomes a whole new experience if you come to this location in Barnstaple. You have to go to the Leisure Centre here, which you will find easily as it is a popular location. You will also find a car park. When you come here on the evening of Saturdays, you will surely find couples dogging in the car park.

Weston Mouth Beach

When it comes to dogging experience at its serene best, you cannot ignore Weston Mouth Beach. You will find this beach easily in Devon as it is very popular. Another speciality of this beach is very much secluded. So, you can go to this beach on Saturday evenings as dogging happens there at that very time.


If you go away from A38 at the point of the Moor, you will find a reservoir. It is very close to Chudleigh. Well, this reservoir becomes completely secluded around 9 on Saturday nights. So, it becomes a beautiful location to have some voyeurism or perform dogging for voyeurs.


If you leave around the bridge in Totnes, then you have got a brilliant spot for dogging in Devon. It would help if you went towards the end of the bridge, and you will find car parking areas. You should follow the second car parking area and go towards its end. The place is very much isolated and very few come here, and it becomes an ideal place for doggers to enjoy.


You will find a farming field if you reach A396 and its layby. One interesting fact is that the location of A396 is the private property of a farmer. Also, the place is very much ideal to have straight or gay dogging. The farmer is cool with it, and he can also join the action.

Roadford Lake

This is a beautiful location for dogging in Devon. When you come to Roadford Lake, you have to go to the car park on the northern side of the area. Yes, it can be a bit difficult to find, but with a map, you will find this place close to Grinacombe Moor. This secluded spot is lovely for dogging.


This is a beautiful and well-organised village in Devon. The village is not that much crowded, and you can see many open fields between Plymouth and Tavistock. So, around these places, you will find plenty of secluded areas. You have to pick one according to your choice and start your activity.

Beer Head Pub

It would help if you headed towards the Beer Head Pub at the Common Hill. You will find a car park on the backside of the pub. This car park becomes a dogging location once the pub is closed. So, go to this place late at night to have some fun with fellow doggers.

As you now know the best locations for dogging in Devon, it is time to head out and join the action. If you are struggling to find a dogging partner, then join us, at Dogging Online. You will surely find your ideal dogging partner from the thousands of members we have in our community.