Dogging in Cleveland

Dogging is a very popular activity among many people in the UK. If you are one of the people who love dogging in Cleveland, then you will be searching for the ideal dogging locations near your place. Finding such locations for dogging was very tough, but we are here to help you out on your endeavour. That is why we will tell you some of the best locations for dogging in Cleveland. So, let’s get started. 


Billingham is a favourite location for many doggers because of the secluded lay-bys. Near Middlesborough, on the northeast side, you will see a lay-by on A19. It is just outside Billingham. The area is quite secluded for you to enjoy dogging with others. 

Cowpen Bewley Woodland Park

You will also find this area around the outskirts of Billingham. This area is inside the Tees Forest of the woodland. You will be able to locate Cowpen Bewley Woodland Park by turning towards the A1185 road. It is also a very popular location for dogging in Cleveland

Great Ayton

It would be best if you found a car parking area located near Great Ayton in Middlesborough. The exact location of the place might be the village of Newton under Roseberry. Dogging is a very popular activity here, and so, you will be enjoying your time here. 


Without any doubt, it is a popular dogging location in Cleveland. You have to reach the sand dunes which you can by going through A1085 road. Take a left from the Loke Park and there another left turn at Warrenby. Now, follow the road. After some time, you will find an area where many cars are parked. You need to park your car there and walk straight into the dunes for some dogging actions. 

Adwick Le Street 

You need to leave A1 in order to find the signs for Adwick Le Street at Wakefield. After some time, you will notice a large lay-by. Also, you will find a graveyard there where dogging happens. So, it will be an extraordinary experience of making out in public in a spooky ambience like the graveyard. 

Seaton Carew

You will find a car park just outside the main road of Seaton Crew. Well, so many people gather here to enjoy dogging. It is a beautiful place to have public sex without much of a fear. So, go ahead and have an enjoyable time. 

Normanby Flatts Lane Country Park

If you go by the Normanby high street, you will find a beautiful and secluded park which is called Flatts Lane Country Park. So, when you see a lovely secluded area like that, you should expect to catch some dogging action there at night. Hence, it would help if you made a plan to visit here. 


Gateshead is also a very popular location for dogging in the UK. The dogging spot is located near the High-Level Bridge. Before reaching the bridge, you have to turn left and follow the road, which will lead you to the river. You will find a small car parking area where dogging happens regularly. 

Long Newtown Nature Reserve

You will find a car parking area between Long Newton and Eaglescliffe. This car park is very popular among doggers because it’s secluded and ideal to have the kind of fun doggers love. So, if you love dogging, you can also pay a visit here. 

Jedburgh Lay-by

You have to travel 2 to 3 miles to the northern side of Newcastle Airport by following the direction to Jedburgh. On A696, you will go past a pub called the Highlander. Now, you have to turn left to find a lay-by. The area will be secluded, which makes it ideal to have some discreet fun. 


You will find a secluded lay-by near Hartlepool on A19. This is a very popular dogging spot. So, if you want to enjoy dogging in Cleveland, you can come to this place and have some fun with fellow doggers. 

Finally, these are some very popular locations for dogging in Cleveland. So, if you are a big fan of dogging in the UK and searching for locations, now you know where to go to satisfy your kink.