Dogging in Cheshire

Dogging in Cheshire

Cheshire is a beautiful county. This northwest county in England is very much famous for its rural outlook and rustic charm. The country still bears the heritage of Industrial Revolution due to its links to neighbouring Liverpool and Manchester.

But, if you think that this county has nothing to offer for the doggers, then, you are in for a surprise because there are many dogging locations in Cheshire. With a population of just over a million, in this beautiful country, you will be able to enjoy dogging in the following areas.

Are you wondering where the Cheshire dogging locations are? Let’s find that out now!

  • Congleton: Close to Congleton in front of Bosley Cloud, there is a small wood where doggers gather for the show. For those residing in this area, it is a brilliant opportunity to go and watch doggers having sex or join the action as well. You would not want to miss this opportunity.

  • Little Budworth: Close to Oulton Park at Little Budworth, you will find a small car parking area. If you love to watch dogging, then it is a place where you can go and watch doggers doing their antics. It is a trendy spot for doggers, and you can rest assured you will have thorough enjoyment.

So, these are some of the very prominent dogging locations in Cheshire where you can watch all the action unfold. Therefore, without wasting your time, create a schedule and hop onto that dogging location near you in Cheshire because you would not want to miss out on some steamy actions. Also, if you feel good, then you can join the action and enjoy it to your heart out.

Alderley Edge

This was a popular car park in the past. But now, it is primarily closed during night time. So, get to the lay-by in the woods by moving towards the opposite lane. The secluded area you will find is ideal for dogging.

National Trust: The Main Car park

Near Wilmslow at Alderley Edge, you will find a car park. The location is at the National Trust. The car park is very much secluded, which makes it an excellent spot for dogging.  

Whitchurch Forrest Farm

It would be best if you went down the hill past a rugby club on the Velindre road. Turn right along with the road, and you will find a few car parks where you can take part in dogging. 

Congleton Mow Cop

At the southern part of Congleton in Cheshire, just beside the A34 Stoke Road to Congleton, you will find the Mow Cop. It is a very popular location for dogging in the UK.

Crewe Park

Crewe Park, or better known as Queens Park, is also a trendy dogging spot. Follow the road between Crewe Station and A50. By just following the signposts, you will reach this accessible location for dogging in Cheshire.


On your right side, you will see a little road as you go past the Delamere station. On that road, there is a car park where you will see many cars during night time. Just go to this place and enjoy dogging in the UK.


From Burtonwood Sevices, you need to go east which will take you to another service area. After that, take the first lane on the left side and follow the road. You will reach an out-of-the-way spot where you can meet with other doggers and have fun.