Dogging in Cambridgeshire

Many people living near Cambridgeshire want to find out the ideal location to have dogging in Cambridgeshire. Now, even though dogging is popular in the UK, you will have your work cut out if you try to find out the ideal location for dogging in this country. Some so many people love dogging in the UK. So, they try hard to find out the best dogging locations in Cambridgeshire. Now, you don’t have to take such trouble anymore because we are here to help you out. We will tell you some of the best locations where you can have dogging in Cambridgeshire. So, let’s begin. 

Brampton Village

Brampton Village is a very quiet and isolated location where you can enjoy dogging. You have to go to the River Lane near Huntingdon, and you will find this beautiful village. It is a lovely location for dogging in Cambridgeshire

Grafham Water

Now, there are a couple of dogging spots in Grafham Water. However, not very few know about them. The first location is near Buckden around A1. There is a car parking area that you can use for your dogging extravaganza. 

The second dogging location is located between St. Neots and Huntingdon. This place is also very close to Buckden. The secluded area will provide you with the perfect setting to have sex in public. 


Near Grafton, you can find the main car park just beside the A14. It is also located in Huntingdon and so, if you are from Huntingdon, then you can rest assured you have plenty of places where you can enjoy dogging with your fellow doggers. 

Ferry Meadows

Ferry Meadows is located near Peterborough. Just beside the railway station at Nene Valley, away from the A605, you will find a car park. There is also a picnic spot. Both of these areas are isolated, which make them ideal for dogging in the UK

Southey Woods

Southey Woods is a beautiful place for dogging, just the location you would want to have for some public sex action. The area is located just beside A1 near Peterborough. You will not face much of a problem to find this excellent location for your dogging extravaganza. 

Castor Splash

Castor Splash is also a very prominent area for doggers around Cambridgeshire. The area is very much isolated, which makes it a perfect spot for dogging lovers. You just have to go by the slip road which is close to A47. Now, go to Castor Village and then go down the hill. You need to find a Recreation Centre Post on the left side of the Splash Lane. You need to follow this track to a secluded area on the right. Finally, you will find this place very easily without facing much of a problem. 

Brampton Village

Brampton Village is also a very prominent and popular spot for dogging in the UK. This village is located near Huntingdon. At the River Lane, you will find plenty of doggers in action both on the roadside and in cars. It is a delightful place for a dogging lover. 

Little Paxton Nature Reserve

This remote area of Little Paxton Nature Reserve is near St. Neots and close to A1. When you reach this area, look to go to the car park. You will see many people gathering there. They will be dogging. So, join them and have fun. 

Magog Down

You need to travel through A1307 which is between Cambridge and Haverhill. Once you find the Magog roundabout, go to the road which will lead you to Haverhill. Before you get to the hill, you need to take the turn first to your left. You will be able to find a secluded car park. It is a trendy area for dogging in the UK


At Whittlesey in Peterborough, you will find New Road Pit. Towards the end of the new road, you will have to turn to your left, and after walking for a few minutes on the left side, you will find woods where doggers love to come and perform their stuff. 

Coe Lane in Godmanchester 

This place is very quiet and isolated, and this is what makes this place so brilliant for dogging. To come to this country lane, you have to take the road A14 from Huntingdon, and it will lead you Godmanchester. Now, you have to turn left and after that, follow the lane that you can find immediately to your left side. This lane will lead you to the end of the road. That is where the action happens. 


This location for dogging is close to the college drive near the village. The area is very quiet and peaceful. There are many playing fields and large meadows which make the area ideal for some fun when the sun sets for doggers. That is why it is a very popular spot for dogging in the UK

So, if you are interested to have dogging in Cambridgeshire, then these are some of the locations where you can visit for some real action. Surely, these are some of the best places where you can have dogging in the UK

Top Locations for Dogging in Cornwall

Are you looking to find out where you can have dogging in Cornwall? Well, if you are struggling to find that out, then we can help you. We will provide you with the correct information that will help you to reach the exact spot to enjoy dogging in the UK. Just like any other place in the UK, here are some of the places that you can pick to go if you want to enjoy dogging in Cornwall

  1. Austell

 At the Carlyon Bay in St. Austell, you will find a nudist beach. Park your vehicle at the car park near Coliseum and then go away from the Coliseum by following the path until you see the end of the beach. You can rest assured you will see many doggers here doing their activity fearlessly. 

Kit Hill Country Park 

Kit Hill Country Park is a very popular location for dogging in Cornwall. The area is located between the River Tamar and Callington in the southwestern part of Cornwall. You will find a fort here, and you need to go behind the fort, and you will see doggers in action there. 


Grampound is a beautiful village in Cornwall. Just outside this village, there is lay-by which is a part of old A390. You will see cars parked there and the main action happens there in the car bonnets. You will surely love what you will see. 


Between the Hayle Coast Road and Portreath, you will find multiple lay-bys. In most of those lay-bys, you will be able to find doggers who are busy doing their deeds. It is an enjoyable location for doggers. 


Kilkhampton is among the well-known locations for dogging in the UK. However, if you are unaware of where to find dogging in Kilkhampton, then you can check out the lay-by close to the A39 between Bude and Kilkhampton. You will find what you wanted. 


You need to go to the car park of the Wacker Quay pub which is located near the river at Torpoint. In that car park, you will find many people having dogging in the UK. It will be an experience that you will never forget for a long time. 

Finally, these are some of the prominent locations for dogging in Cornwall. We hope when you reach there to have dogging or enjoy watching public sex, you will have an experience of a lifetime. Dogging in the UK is very popular, and you can rest assured you will have a blast by going to these locations.