Dogging in Buckinghamshire

Dogging in Buckinghamshire

Wondering where to find the ideal location for Buckinghamshire? Well, dogging in the UK is so much popular that everywhere you go, you will find one or two discreet spots where doggers gather to have some enjoyment.

So, if you are in Buckinghamshire, then you don’t have to worry either because there are so many different locations. But, the fact of the matter is, a lot of people are still unaware of these locations.

However, we are here to enlighten you about the dogging locations in Buckinghamshire where you can enjoy your heart out. So, here are the following spots where you will be able to enjoy dogging in Buckinghamshire.

Milton Keynes

If you stay near Milton Keynes, then you have an excellent opportunity to enjoy dogging. Between Woburn Sands and Bow Brickhill, you will find the main car parking area. Well, it is a dogging spot. So, you can go and have fun there.

Car park between Milton Keynes and Bedford

Well, there is another car parking area where the action happens around Milton Keynes. You can spot this car park near Milton Keynes and Bedford. Reach Woburn Golf Club, and from there, you have to turn right. You will reach the woods, and there, you will also spot a car parking area which is a popular dogging spot.

Cockshoots Wood

Cockshoots Wood is a very popular dogging spot in Buckinghamshire as it falls on A413 between Great Missenden and Wendover. On the left side, you will find very narrow lanes. Also, the car parking area at the end of the road is the dogging spot you are looking for.

Cublington Spinney: Picnic Area

You will find this place between Dunton and Stewkley. All you have to do is drive through the Cublington road, and you will see a signboard for Dunton. Apart from that, you will see a car park where doggers meet and enjoy.

Salcey Forest: Picnic Area

This place is just 5 miles away from Northampton. At A508, you need to leave M1 and drive towards the west. It would be best if you went straight after getting onto the little road. Once you reach the ‘T’ junction, turn right. You will find a forest which is just a couple miles to your left. Reach there, and you can have dogging.

Raans Field

You have to go past the A404 which is in Amersham. When you reach Stanley Hill, especially, the top, get onto the Raans road. You have to take the very next left turn, where you will find a huge secluded area. It can be an ideal location for dogging.

Ashgrove: Picnic Site

You can find Ashgrove, which is a picnic site between Great Missenden and Amersham. The spot is basically on A413, and when you turn right, you will see the signpost. That is the location for Buckinghamshire for you.

A4146: Picnic Car park

Between Bletchley road and Leighton Buzzard, on A416, you will find a pub called Three Locks. Just in front of the pub, there is a picnic car park spot where dogging happens. You can also go and join the action there.


This is a popular site for dogging. You have to pass from Ivanhoe and go to the left to find a road that will lead you to Aldbury. You will find a very big picnic spot on the right side of the hill. At night here, action happens for doggers.

Apsley Wood

Close to Milton Keynes, you will find Apsley Wood between Woburn Sands and Bow Brickhill. Don’t look for the main car parking area because that will be close at night. However, there is another area which is towards the end of the road near Bow Brickhill Village. It is a very popular dogging location in the UK.

Cublington Spinney

The picnic spot for Kingsbridge and Cublington Spinney is also a trendy spot for doggers to meet and enjoy. You will find this area between Dunton and Stewkley. It will not be very hard for you to find such a secluded spot here.

So, if you want to enjoy dogging, then these are some of the locations where you can visit and have fun with fellow doggers.