Dogging in Birmingham

Birmingham is one of the major cities in the West Midland region of England. The place has its historic settings amongst many of the 18th and 19th-century landmarks, particularly from the industrial revolution era. This is also home to multiple canals running through the city adorned by picturesque cafes and bars. Birmingham is also one of the prime dogging locations in the UK. Let’s try to discover some of the celebrated outdoor sex venues in this city.


Formerly an airport, this is now one of the best dogging locations in the UK. You can find the entrance to this airport right off the A4154. It is well secluded, and people love coming here to enjoy some quality time. 

Aldridge Empire

This happens to be an industrial estate with enough secluded spots for dogging to take place. If you are looking for a Dogging location in Birmingham, reach the park that lies outside unit 31 of the industrial estate. You can enjoy some quality dogging time.

Cannon Hill Park, Moseley

Going by the name, it is one of the best-known flagship parks of Birmingham. People throng here all through the summer months to enjoy the lakes, rowing facilities, play tennis, to fish and of course for dogging. The park can be easily found on the River Rea off the Edgbaston road. After entering, keep going through the car park. The end of the car park happens to be quite secluded with lots of bushes and trees for privacy. It is no wonder a hot favourite for dogging in the UK

Stourbridge Highgate

The full name of the place goes as Highgate Common, which is close to Stourbridge. The site has many car parking areas offering ample seclusion. Dogging in Birmingham has reached a new height for such a place. 

Marston Green

The car parking area in Marston Green lies just behind the train station. It would be best if you went up the place by the old wine lodge and into Elmdon Lane. This car parking area serves as the best spot for dogging in the vicinity. People can be seen enjoying themselves quite frequently. 

Bournville Rowheath Park

You can find the entrance to this place off the Oakfarm Road. Day or night, people love visiting this place, making it one of the most sought after dogging locations in the UK. Experiencing lovemaking in this place is like no other place. Both the car park and the pavilion are a hot favourite for dogging. 

Selly Oak Park

The Selly Oak Park lies under the bridge that is off the Harborne Lane entrance. The park is excellent for dogging as it cannot be located due to the cover of the bridge above it. Dogging in Birmingham is not complete without visiting Selly Oak Park. 

Sheldon Country Park

The 96-acre car park goes on to give the city residents a taste of the country. Finding this spot is also relatively easy. The park is on Ragley Drive in Sheldon with numerous places of seclusion that remains shrouded by a thick growth of trees and bushes. It is amongst the well-known dogging locations in the UK. 

Stone Bridge Island

Stone Bridge Island’s last layby is what people love to visit. There is a stone bridge A452 towards Balsall common with dual carriageway to the next island. It is just around this island, going back to the Stonebridge island, that people find the last layby. It is one of the picturesque dogging locations in Birmingham. 

Sutton Park

This is one of the largest parks in Birmingham. It has in total almost 2400 acres of land that includes everything from woodlands to wetlands and heathlands. Moreover one can reach from the very heart of the city of Birmingham by just travelling a distance of over 6 miles. Find the entrance to one of the most favourable dogging locations in the UK on Park Road. Couples love to drop in, especially after dark for some quality time.

Uffmore Lane

Reaching this dogging spot is not too much of a hassle. Just take a left off the by-pass onto Uffmoor. Follow the road up the hill for a short distance and discover the secluded car park on the left.

Thus, listed above are some of the best dogging locations in Birmingham. Hop in your car and drive off to the listed secluded spots for some enjoyment.