Dogging Locations in Berkshire

Are you wondering where you can find your ideal dogging location in Berkshire? Well, there are many places where you can go and enjoy dogging in the UK. As you know, the entire concept of dogging originated from this very country.

So, it is quite apparent that you will find many locations for dogging in the UK. When you are in Berkshire, you can find so many dogging locations. But, unfortunately, many people don’t know about these dogging locations.

Therefore, stop scratching your head because when it comes to locations for dogging in Berkshire, we have got you covered. So, here are some of the locations in Berkshire where you can enjoy dogging without worrying that much.

The Valley Gardens

The Valley Gardens is a beautiful location where you can enjoy dogging in Berkshire. While standing in the park, you have to look towards the Virginia Waters. You will be able to spot dogging locations on the Main Lake’s North Bank. Also, there are car parks around this area where you will witness dogging happening. Just join them to enjoy the show!

Maidenhead Thicket

This is another gorgeous location for dogging in Berkshire. Actually, the car park here is located in an isolated wooded area. In that location, you will find many people going for dogging in the UK. So, you can join them as well.


One of the very popular dogging locations in the Berkshire has to be Newbury at Greenham. When you come here, you will find lots of discreet places. You should know that in these locations, dogging does take place. Therefore, if you visit here during the evening, you can have dogging.

Prospect Park

Another popular location in Berkshire for dogging has to be Prospect Park which is located in Tilehurst. Well, this place falls at Reading. This park is gorgeous and secluded, which make the park an ideal location for dogging for sure.

Aviation Museum

Now, if you have gone to the Aviation Museum, then you may not have expected to have a dogging spot near it. However, in the Mohawk Way, you will spot a tiny car park. Well, that spot is very much famous for dogging during the night.

Twyford Station

When you go to Twyford Station, which is in Reading and very close to the station road, you will have to spot a car park. In that car park, during night time, doggers come to have some naughty fun. You can join them too.

Ambarrow Court

On A31 Wokingham Road, which is between Sandhurst and Crowthorne, you will find Ambarrow Court. Now, around this location, there are many secluded spots where dogging can happen. You can check this place too.

Black Park

A very prominent location for dogging in Berkshire is the Black Park. You can locate the area while travelling from Slough to Uxbridge Road. You can find the action there in the car parking and secluded lanes. So, you can rest assured to have a great time.

Church Lane

Just beside the Stoke Poges Lane, you will find car parking areas which are very dark. So, if you are looking for some car fun, then you can go there. You will not be disappointed for sure.


You will love to experience dogging in Thatcham. When you go there, you will find a wood which is on the road on the backside of the Chapel or Bucklebury Row. It is an ideal dogging location for doggers to have some fun.

Windsor Great Parks

You will find a very large car parking area here. The last car parking spot you will see on the right side, which is the place you will be looking to spot if you love dogging. Many doggers gather here to have fun.

So, these are some of the prominent locations for dogging in Berkshire. Well, the UK is very much famous for those who love dogging. Hence, you should expect to have multiple dogging locations in Berkshire as well. So, what are you waiting for? Now, you have the locations where you can go and enjoy dogging. That is why for those who live in Berkshire and love dogging, let the fun begin!