Dogging in Bedfordshire

Dogging in Bedfordshire

To give a brief intro on Bedfordshire, it is historical as well as beautiful. Lying just about 38 miles from London, it has a beautiful picturesque setting to itself. Its excellent environment by the River Great Ouse pulls in tourists all year round. Bedfordshire also offers some of the best dogging locations in the UK.

All the locations are spread over a wide area offering ample space for recreation amongst those that want to. We can now try to highlight some of the best dogging locations in Bedfordshire. Finding them is easy, and we are here trying to make the work as easy as possible. 

RAF Chicksands

This is a place that comes first on the list in Bedford. The better address for a spot of dogging in Bedford is RAF Chicksands just off the A600 Bedford to Shefford road. While coming to Bedford, take a right turn to the RAF chicksands. The spot happens to be a car park with some pull-in facilities.

Priory Country Park

This is one of the best dogging locations in Bedfordshire. Just find Barkers Lane at the entrance of Priory Country Park. Follow the road down to the car park. But before reaching the actual car park in the centre, take a left that will take to another car park that remains hidden. It is an excellent spot of dogging wrapped in privacy.

Clophill Layby

If you are happening to go towards Bedfordshire taking the A6 route, you will surely discover the Clop Hill Layby. This is a fabulous spot for dogging in the UK that is loved by the people.


Dogging locations in the UK can be everywhere from the woods to the fields. This place is off Potton road down to Furzenhall Road. Keep moving till you reach the fields both on the left and right. The area lies just beside the right turning.


It isn’t far from J13 of the M1 or the A421. One of the most sought after dogging locations in the Bedfordshire.Just keep travelling in the direction of Bedford from the motorway. Soon upon entering the site, keep driving up the service road until reaching a path at the end of it—venture further straight taking this service road. You will discover both fields and woods on your left and right. This happens to be one of the best places for Doggers in England. 


There is a place called Graham Water near Buckden. This happens to be just off the A1. If you use the east car park, its ideal position is near a model farm. Reach safely and have the time of your life in the secrecy of the dogging spot. 

Dunstable National Park

A little anecdote in this place is, it happens to be the highest point in England! Experience of dogging in Bedfordshire isn’t complete without this location. The location of this spot is on the Dunstable Road in Whipsnade. Car park options are multiple. People can use parking both at B45540 or Bison Hill or B4541 Dunstable Downs and directly at Whipsnade Tree cathedral and Crossroads. 


This happens to be one of the best dogging locations in the UK. This fabulous place is best reached by going at the end of Finway Road off the Dallow Road in an industrial site. The site is a beautiful spot that doggers frequent especially after the dark.

Sharpenhoe Clappers 

The exact location of Sharpenhoe Clappers is near Streatley, Luton. From A6, near Streatley, take to the right opposite Chequers Pub. And then again at T junction turn right. Once you go past the houses on the left, there is a small car park after about half a mile. Dogging in Bedfordshire in this car park attracts visitors in galore. The small car park incidentally has two entrances. 

Sandy East 

The east of Sandy is reached on the B1042 Road to Potton. Find the Locomotive Pub and then turn left to a narrow road past the Deepdale Water Gardens. The woods lie adjacent to the entry gate of the Sandy Heath TV mast. The perfect spot as one of the daytime dogging locations in the Bedfordshire, the track continues as a bridleway to Sandy and Everton Road.

The above ones are some of those most visited places for dogging in Bedfordshire. Just get going and don’t miss such a place of actions.