Dogging Locations in Avon

Dogging in Avon

For dogging lovers, finding the ideal location to hook-up with strangers is one of the most challenging things. Now, when you are in the UK, the home of dogging or the country from where dogging began, you must have numerous dogging locations.

However, finding the perfect location for dogging in the UK may not be as easy as you think. Also, if you are new to dogging and trying to find out the best dogging location, you will have your work cut out. There are very few places where you can have dogging in the UK.

Avon is a gorgeous location, and the beauty of the place goes up when you get a glimpse of the magnificent River Avon. Though Avon County does not exist anymore, the area has over a million residents. Apart from that, people from Avon love dogging.

So, if you are from Avon and want to know the locations for Avon, then you are at the right place. We have all the information you need when it comes to dogging in the UK. So, sit back and relax and take note of the following locations for in Avon.


When you go to the city bath or if you are a regular visitor there or a resident, you will have to locate a rest stop which will be very close to the M4 junction. Just behind that rest stop, you can discover a completely wooded area.

Now, no matter how weird that location looks, it still serves as a location for dogging in Avon. Furthermore, you should know that it is one of the most popular dogging locations in the UK during night time. So, if you love dogging, either as a performer or a voyeur, you should not miss this location. It will provide you with a brilliant experience.

Aust Wharf Road

One of the easiest to find locations for dogging in Avon has to be at the Aust Wharf road. While travelling via Aust Wharf road, you will find a very popular bridge called the Severn Bridge. The dogging action happens close to this bridge. You have to get to the end of the road, and you will find doggers doing in action. If you love dogging, you don’t want to miss out on experiencing dogging in this location.


You will find the Old Wharf passage while travelling on the road through Aust. So, you need to cross that location and head towards Avonmouth. Now, you will find a dual carriageway. It would be best if you were on the right side of the lane. After that, you have to turn right, and you will find a vineyard. It would be best if you went on this road till you find an unlit straight. That is your dogging location where you want to be in.

Barrow in Furness

One of the hottest dogging locations in Avon is Barrow in Furness. Towards the southern part of Walney Island, you can find plenty of car parks. A majority of these car parks are isolated. You see some steamy dogging action here. It is one of the more popular locations for dogging in the UK.


Once you go past the A6 at Baron, you will find a pub. After that, you have to turn left. Once you get to the main road, you will have to travel for 2 miles. After that, you will have to turn left and go for another mile. Once you follow the track correctly, you will reach an isolated spot where dogging happens regularly.

Bradley Stoke Leisure Centre

The last place where you can expect to have dogging in the UK is the Bradley Stoke Leisure Centre. But, surprisingly, when you go to the car park near the wood on the right-hand side of Bradley Stoke Leisure Centre; you will find a secluded spot. You can rest assured dogging does happen there.

So, these are some of the popular locations in Avon. If you love to have public sex or enjoy watching strangers having sex in public, these are the locations for dogging in the UK that you should visit to have a great time.